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Rupa + Anish’s Surrey Wedding Video

Following on from Rupa + Anish’s amazing Cambridge University Wedding video, they brought the wedding back to Surrey. We loved this wedding party. The talented Paul Cook came along to help us on this one, I can still see his face after a few hours of lugging around his DJI ronin to get those beautiful gliding shots. He was shattered. But he was having fun, I’m sure of it. It was impossible not to. The wedding was amazing!! I’m sure the handfuls of desserts we were enjoying helped the fatigue too.

Working with Anupa from Principal Global events and East West Photography & filmed at Rupa’s beautiful Surrey home.


Ridge Farm Wedding Video by Surrey Wedding Videographer Kissing Gate Films

Lucy + Tom’s Ridge Farm Wedding Video

We met Lucy + Tom the previous year at Asha + Laurence’s wedding (Laurence with a “u”, I remember the brilliant FOB speech every time I write it!). They were so lovely, so we knew their wedding was going to be a really fun day.

The day started with Lucy’s bridal preps in one of the on site cottages – which was SO lovely! Ridge farm is one of those amazing wedding venues that just keeps giving. Just when you think you’ve seen the best of it, with – the bridal preps cottage, the stunning main house, the beautiful gardens, the hidden clearing in the forest, the orangery past the willow tree – you find out that underneath the dance floor is a swimming pool. Oh, and of course there’s a pool party there the following day. Incredible.

Photography by Ben Millar Cole

This was my first time working with Ben. He’s such a lovely guy and we had a lot of fun, and managed to get some nice shots despite neither of us wanting to take the lead with directing. Natural is always best anyway…


Hurlingham Club wedding video by London Wedding Videographer Kissing Gate Films

Hurlingham Club, Fulham Wedding Video

This wedding was stunning. Lonne’s Julie Vino from Blush & Ivory in Kensington, was so beautiful! With a gorgeous matching veil, she looked amazing.

Jay Rowden Photography

Working with Jay is always such a pleasure. He’s a fantastic photographer and a really, really lovely guy. We were thrilled to be working alongside him again for Lonne and Charlie’s wedding!

Photography by Jay Rowden
Dress boutique Blush & Ivory, Kensington
Dress designer designer Julie Vino

Bridal Hair by Lonne


Hedsor House wedding film by Buckinghamshire Wedding Videographer Kissing Gate Films

I love this wedding video clip. I’m a huge fan of Mary Berry, and was really to see she was a guest at Hamish + Rosie’s summer wedding at Hedsor House! The day was beautiful and when it came to the speeches, Hamish smashed it. Not that we were expecting any less, the guy’s hilarious and lovely, which is exactly what his speech was!

My favourite quote: “I literally know who you are!”. And Mary Berry’s reaction to being told she’d sent embarrassing stories to stitch up the groom is brilliant.


Emma + Toby, The Salutation, Kent Wedding Video by South East Wedding Videographer Kissing Gate Films

Kent Wedding Video

Emma + Toby’s wedding was gorgeous. From the bridal preps to Emma’s beautiful bridesmaids walking through the village to the church, from the beautiful grounds at The Salutation, Kent, to Toby’s brilliant speech!
And speaking of Toby’s brilliant speech, which was funny and sweet and funny again, here’s my favourite part:

He gave me one piece of advice that I’ll tell you about now. He said “The thing about getting married is, is that  when you get married you have something in your life that is utterly precious, and you must treat it with the ultimate care and nothing will come close to it.” I thought it was rather good advice. I also thought it was a recommendation. Subsequently, I think maybe it was a threat…. and at times it might also be a challenge. But I give you my promise, it is my intention to execute.

Wedding venue The Salutation, Kent
Church service at
St Clements Church, Kent
Order of service by
Millbank + Kent

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